Kingston news-week in review: Mon, Jan 21st to Sun, Jan 28th

Kingston Police continued to investigate a violent robbery throughout the last full week of January, culminating in the arrest of several of the involved suspects. Thus far, 6 of 7 men suspected by Kingston Police to be involved in the incident have been apprehended, and one remains at large.

A violent incident on Glen Cairn Terrace in Kingston’s west end led to multiple charges after an 18-year-old man’s violent attack on his parents on Wednesday the 24th.

That same afternoon, Frontenac Paramedics and Kingston Fire & Rescue responded to and evacuated a downtown Kingston building due to a hazardous materials spill. 8 people were taken to hospital with respiratory injuries.

Later that day, a fatal single vehicle collision on highway 401 took the life of a 72-year-old Lansdowne resident, now identified as Victor Brennan.

Evidence of deadly drug carfentanil has been found in Kingston area, according to a KFL&A Public Health release on Friday.