Kingston Police acquire Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Kingston Police have purchased an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) to assist in their response to a variety of police applications, including search for missing persons, serious/fatal traffic collision investigations, crime scene investigations, emergency response, and major incidents.

The UAV acquired by the Kingston Police is the Canadian built Aeryon SkyRanger, with an estimated cost of about $80,000.

Of particular concern and focus for Kingston Police, says Constable Cameron Mack, are those who are vulnerable due to age or physical and/or mental health. Missing person cases are often from a vulnerable sector, and time is always the key factor for an individual’s safety in such cases.

This UAV was selected due to its multirole capabilities for police operations, says Mack. The UAV will not only assist in a more effective and efficient response to certain incidents but also provide an investigative platform currently unavailable to the Kingston Police service without the use of standard aircraft from outside agencies.

Kingston Police will have five members trained to operate the UAV including officers from the Traffic Unit (Collision Reconstructionists) and Emergency Response Unit (Search and Rescue Coordinators).