Pileup involving transports and passenger vehicles on 401

A vehicle pileup closed the 401 westbound at Marysville Rd, also known as CR49, on Sunday night.

An eyewitness reported seeing 5-6 transports and 2-3 passenger vehicles involved in the collision that occurred at around 8 p.m. in the area roughly equidistant from Kingston and Belleville.

First responders did not immediately confirm the size of the pileup but did report multiple jack-knifed transports in the median and across the roadway, as well as several trapped vehicle occupants with back and neck injuries. Those injuries were assessed as minor. Heavy ice buildup on the roadway due to prolonged freezing rain was considered a significant factor in the collision.

On Monday morning, OPP said in a release that the pileup occurred as a result of a single motor vehicle spin-out, followed by three tractor trailers jackknifing and colliding. A single motor vehicle also left the roadway thereafter due to the tractor trailer collision, according to the release.

It is believed that other tractor trailers and passenger vehicles observed in the immediate vicinity of the collision were able to stop in time and were not actually involved in the pileup.

One of the tractor trailers was split open, and there was a minor leak of diesel from a fuel tank. None of the tractor trailers were carrying hazardous materials, according to the OPP release.

A detour was set up utilizing CR49, Hwy2 and Shannonville Rd. OPP say they reopened the 401 shortly before 3 a.m.