Restaurant giving thieves chance to return stolen item

A local restaurant is giving thieves a chance to make amends before contacting Kingston Police.

House Of Donair’s Hisham Tarshishi alleges that one of his restaurant’s chairs was stolen on the night of Saturday, February 3rd, and he has the surveillance footage to prove it. Tarshishi made a post on social media on Sunday night asking the thieves to return the stolen chair. Along with the request, he posted screenshots of the surveillance footage, showing a young male and possible accomplices carrying a chair away from the restaurant.

“These guys decided to have fun on sat night and took a chair from House Of Donair,” said Tarshishi in the post. “We would like them to return it, before we report it to the police!”

Tarshishi blocked out the faces of the suspects in the publicly posted screenshots, but the surveillance footage is high quality and shows the faces of the suspects.

The person or persons currently in possession of the chair is/are urged to return it to House Of Donair at 394 Princess St.