Violent incident on Glen Cairn Terrace

Kingston Police closed a portion of Glen Cairn Terrace in Kingston’s west end following a violent incident early in the morning of January 24th.

Kingston Police say the male suspect came home at around 3:30 a.m. and an argument ensued with his parents, the male allegedly assaulting them in the course of the argument. The male then allegedly brought out a weapon, believed to be a crossbow, and made threats to utilize it. The parents exited the house and contacted Kingston Police. The male suspect subsequently barricaded himself inside the home.

Kingston Police closed off the area as a precaution and there was no expectation of danger to the public at any time. Kingston Police Media Relations Officer Cam Mack confirmed that there was a weapon involved, but could not disclose the type of weapon, confirming only that it was not a firearm.

For a brief period of time, Henderson Daycare was placed in a Hold & Secure as a precaution but that was quickly lifted once Kingston Police were able to fully assess the situation. Area schools operated normally throughout the morning as they were outside of the blocked off area.

The male eventually surrendered himself to Kingston Police shortly before 9:30 a.m.